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Our Story

It all started in the mid 90's when I got my very first vehicle. I was constantly outside washing and detailing my car and was always the type that wanted a clean vehicle, both inside and out. A couple of years passed and a couple of vehicles later, I ended up purchasing what would be the start of my car show days and thus my attention and focus to the detail side truly began. Fast forward to another few years later, I met my wife, who shared the same passion as myself with cars and car shows. During that time, we attended many car meets and car shows with our growing family and friends. My wife and I always dreamt of creating our own line of detailing products. As time passed, that idea finally came to fruition, which we call Ikonik Detail Products. We hope that our products which are Proudly Made in the U.S.A. brings out a shine on your passion and love of the car culture as much as it does to us. With that said, "Let's Shine Together."

Our BRand

We at Ikonik Detail Products wanted to create a line of products that is both easy to use for your DIYer while being high quality enough for your Professional Detailer. What you will find in our various products:
  • Gloss Enhancers
  • UV Blockers/Protectants
  • No Sling Formula
  • Environmentally Safe
We hope that you enjoy using our products being used on your vehicle(s) just as much as we do on our own vehicles. Thank you for your support of our brand.

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